Managing Your Properties

Managing Your UK Properties with Expertise

Congratulations on your investment in UK residential properties. Now that you've acquired your assets, it's crucial to find a reliable company to manage them effectively. At Magnate Assets, we understand the importance of maintaining your properties to achieve maximum appreciation and ensure a smooth investment journey. Let us guide you through the process of managing your properties with our comprehensive services.

Introducing Cityzen Property Management: Your Trusted Management Partner

Cityzen Property Management is a specialist management company with a strong presence in the UK, as well as in the Middle East and China. They specialise in working with overseas investors like you who require a high level of service due to their non-UK residence. Our expertise lies in safeguarding your investment and protecting your interests in the UK property market.

Leasing Services: Maximising Your Investment Returns

Keeping your property occupied and generating rental income is crucial for maximizing your investment returns. At Cityzen, they thoroughly vet and screen potential tenants, checking their employers' references, proof of income, credit scores, and conducting legal searches. To provide you with peace of mind, we offer optional rent and legal guarantee insurance, ensuring that your rent is paid even if the tenant defaults, and covering legal fees if court action is required.

Efficient Management: Ensuring Optimal Performance

Their comprehensive management services cover rent collection, maintenance coordination, tenant inquiries, regular rental reviews to determine fair market rates, and timely re-tenanting to minimise end-of-lease void periods. We understand the importance of competent property management in maximising your investment's performance. Trust us to handle the day-to-day tasks efficiently, ensuring the maximum return on your investment.


Seamless Property Resale: Unlocking Value

When the time comes to sell your property investment, CityZen enables you to find the best options and manage your resale process. We understand that each property requires a tailored approach, whether it's selling with the tenant in place or marketing it as vacant.

Comprehensive Support: Meeting Legal Requirements and Beyond

Our services cover all legal requirements, including furnishings, property handovers and inventories, landlord insurance, deposit management, and tax compliance. We ensure that overseas landlords like you can make the most of their investments while remaining fully compliant with UK leasing legislation and tax obligations. You can trust us to handle everything related to your property management, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

About Cityzen Property Management: Your Reliable Property Consultants

Cityzen Property Management is part of the CityZen property group, an independent property consultancy with offices in London, Manchester, Shanghai, and Dubai. We offer a range of property services to meet our clients' needs in the London and Manchester property markets. Our experienced teams in London and Manchester are available six days a week, providing you with maximum flexibility. Additionally, our fully staffed offices in Shanghai and Dubai cater to our Asian and Middle Eastern landlords and investors. We also have a dedicated China desk based in London to serve our Chinese clients and liaise with our Shanghai office.

Choose Magnate Assets and Cityzen Property Management for Expert Property Management

Managing your UK properties doesn't have to be a daunting task. Trust Magnate Assets and our trusted partner, Cityzen Property Management, to handle the management of your investments with professionalism and expertise. Contact us today to discover how we can help you maximize the potential of your property portfolio.


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