High Yield Investing

Investors seeking high rental income from their properties often encounter downsides, such as the properties being older, requiring high maintenance, and located in less reliable or lower-income areas. However, an alternative investment opportunity exists, providing reliable income and the chance to make a tangible difference in people's lives.

Due to a housing shortage in the UK, private landlords are leasing their properties to the government on long-term contracts. The government then provides housing to vulnerable individuals who require support.

How does this work? The UK developers are sourcing and renovating properties in the areas where the housing is required. They are then securing the long-term lease with the UK Government authorities and then property is being offered to sale with investors with the long-term lease in place and the UK Government paying the rent.

The biggest benefit of this investment opportunity is that it offers a fully hands-off solution. Unlike owning a residential property, you won't have to worry about finding tenants, collecting rent, or dealing with any maintenance issues. As a result, you can enjoy a more passive income stream and focus on other priorities in your life, while still earning a high return on your investment.

Investment Highlights:

  • Properties located across the North of England

  • Government-backed yields of 8-9% NET

  • 5+5-year rental income with annual adjustment linked to inflation and based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

  • FRI lease (full repairs and insurance covered by the UK Government Authority)

  • Tenant damage and maintenance cover

  • Recently refurbished properties

  • Free property and lettings management

One such high-yield investment with Magnate Assets can be found here.

Government-backed housing associations work with people who have support needs to help them to enjoy a quality living space that can improve their lifestyle for the long term. This can range from helping those with physical disabilities to rehousing people who have fallen upon hard times. 

The housing provider will occupy a residential property for the duration of the lease period, carefully choosing tenants who will benefit from the property and feel more at home with the assistance/technology provided. 

This is one of the most ethical investment vehicles available on the market today, providing investors the chance to hugely impact the lives of those that require the most help! Supported Living gives individuals the opportunity to gain independence but still benefit from the support of skilled knowledgeable staff whenever this is needed. It is particularly helpful for people with learning disabilities who may need a little extra help in some areas of their lives whilst maintaining a high level of independence in others.

Everyone’s care plan will be designed with the aim of making a positive difference to their daily life, and wherever possible, they and their family and friends will be aware of the goals they are working towards, as will any professionals involved in their care.

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