Furniture Packs

Furnishing Excellence for New Build Properties

At Magnate Assets, we understand the importance of creating appealing and functional living spaces in properties. That's why we have partnered with David Phillips, a renowned leader in design-led furnishing for property professionals. With over two decades of experience, David Phillips has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional furniture solutions for a wide range of clients, including landlords, agents, investors, developers, and private individuals.

Pioneering Design-Led Furnishing

Founded in 1998 by David and Phillip, David Phillips revolutionized the industry by introducing the concept of delivery, assembly, and installation of furniture the very next working day. This innovative approach quickly gained popularity, and property professionals began to rely on David Phillips for their furnishing needs.

Leading the Market in Furniture Solutions

Today, David Phillips is a leader in the market, providing comprehensive furniture solutions for various sectors, including build-to-rent, residential, social housing, student accommodation, and retirement living. We understand the unique needs of each sector and offer a diverse range of furniture packs that cater to different property types and target demographics. Our solutions are carefully curated to maximize the potential of new build properties, ensuring they are ready for occupancy and generating rental income in no time.

Magnate Assets Partnership

At Magnate Assets, we understand the value of furnishing your new build properties with the utmost care and attention to detail. Through our partnership with David Phillips, we offer you access to industry-leading furniture solutions that blend style, functionality, and convenience. Trust us to help you create spaces that tenants will love, enabling you to achieve long-term rental success. Contact us today to learn more about our partnership with David Phillips and how we can assist you in furnishing your new build properties.


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