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The Property Market in Leipzig

A Historical Hub of Trade and Innovation:

Located 160 kilometers south of Berlin, Leipzig is historically situated at the crossroads of two significant continental trade routes, the east-west Via Regia and the north-south Via Imperii. As early as the 14th century, Leipzig emerged as a thriving trading center and economic hub, nurturing a rich cultural heritage and playing a prominent role in education in Germany. Founded in 1409, the University of Leipzig ranks as the second-oldest university in Germany and one of the oldest in Europe.

Innovation and Technological Advancements:

Leipzig has a legacy of innovation. It was here that the world's first daily newspaper was published in 1650. In 1829, the first high-speed printing press in Germany was invented, alongside steam-powered production machines that revolutionized the textile industry. The city also spearheaded technological progress with the inauguration of Germany's first long-distance railway line connecting Leipzig to Dresden in 1838. This marked a significant turning point in the city's industrial development, and by 1915, Leipzig Central Station stood as the largest rail station in Europe.

Leipzig's population is projected to reach 664,080 by 2040, reflecting a 47% increase since 2000.

Anticipated undersupply of over 13,044 housing units by 2040.

The city's economy boasts a GDP exceeding EUR 24 billion, with a remarkable 119% increase in GDP per capita since 2000.

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