Properties for Sale in Ipswich

The Property Market in Ipswich

Although officially a town, Ipswich is making waves as one of the UK's top 20 fastest-growing cities, an exciting prospect for property investors seeking to buy properties in Ipswich - an untapped potential.

Why Invest in Ipswich?

Nestled in the heart of Suffolk, Ipswich boasts a rich history as a former trading port. With a population of around 137,000 and forecasts predicting growth to 146,000 by 2028, Ipswich is on the rise.

Diverse Economy: While traditional industries like textiles and agriculture have shaped their past, today, Ipswich thrives on light manufacturing and services, including financial services, construction, transport, and logistics.

Thriving Ports: The Port of Ipswich handles 2 million tonnes of cargo annually, and nearby, the Port of Felixstowe ranks as the UK's busiest container shipping port, creating ample employment opportunities.

Tech Hub: Ipswich is home to the Adastral Park tech cluster, with over a hundred companies driving growth in this sector, making it an ideal investment opportunity in luxury properties around the city.

Strategic Location:  The city enjoys excellent train links to London, Norwich, Cambridge, and beyond, with London's Liverpool Street station just an hour away by train. It's a convenient location for those considering properties for sale in Ipswich.

Regeneration: Recent regeneration efforts have transformed the Ipswich Waterfront area, with new commercial and residential developments, a marina, and a campus for the University of Suffolk.

Attractions and Tourism: Ipswich is becoming a sought-after visitor destination, boasting attractions like Christchurch Mansion, New Wolsey Theatre, and Ipswich Transport Museum, along with scenic River Orwell cruises and easy access to Suffolk's countryside and coast.

Student Accommodation: For student property investors, the University of Suffolk, with around 8,000 students, offers opportunities for student accommodation.

Affordable Property: Despite its growth, Ipswich remains an affordable option for property investors. The average house price in Ipswich is significantly below the England national average, making it an attractive investment prospect.

Rental Yields: Ipswich offers sound rental yields, with Liveyield reporting yields of up to 6%, depending on the area.

Future Growth: Experts tip Ipswich for double-digit house price growth in the next five years, making it an appealing choice for long-term investors.

With Ipswich's strategic location, thriving economy, and affordable property market, it's no wonder this rising star has garnered attention. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, Ipswich has plenty to offer. Keep an eye on this dynamic city as it continues to evolve.


Rich history, with medieval and Tudor architecture in its historic center.

Home to the University of Suffolk and a range of schools, Ipswich offers diverse educational opportunities.

Ipswich has strong rail and road links, including a direct train connection to London.

A vibrant cultural scene, with theaters, museums, and annual festivals.

Ipswich's diverse economy is experiencing steady growth, making it an attractive location for businesses and investors.

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