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The city centre of Hull provides residents with convenient access to local amenities, employment, and transportation links while surrounded by a scenic medieval backdrop. The centre is home to the city’s best attractions and activities, restaurants, shops, and businesses.

Bustling bars are in the Old Town district, while the River Hull Marina offers a stunning dining backdrop for the city’s most favoured restaurants. The main shopping districts are located along the historic streets of Whitefriargate and King Edward Street, and the modern shopping centres along Jameson Street.

As the UK’s 2017 City of Culture, Hull has proven the quality of its cultural offerings including museums, theatres, art venues and gardens scattered throughout the city. The compact size of Hull’s city centre provides residents with easy access to all amenities withing walking distance or a short commute.

Hull also has excellent transportation links, connecting its residents to the rest of the UK and further afield via road, rail, and air. Employment hubs and the University of Hull located outside the city centre can be easily reached through public transport.

Under Hull’s new City Plan, the city’s connectivity is set to further enhance, while remaining in line with its sustainability targets. The rest of the UK can be reached through Hull Paragon Train Station located in the centre. Longer distances within the UK and abroad can be accessed through the city’s abroad Humberside Airport, located 30 minutes outside the city centre.

Off-Plan Properties

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Since the launch of Hull’s City Plan in 2013, the city has seen significant economic development with investment totalling GBP3 billion to date.

Humber Energy Estuary has placed it at the centre of new and emerging industries in the UK - particularly in renewable energy.

Reckitt Benckiser, the University of Hull, BAE Systems, KCOM, William Jackson Food Group, and Cranswick PLC are all major employers in the city.

In 2020, PWC’s ‘Good Growth Index’ rated Hull within the top 3 cities for income distribution with household disposable incomes rising by 62% since 2000, and expected to increase by a further 55% up to 2035

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