Leasing & Management

Once you have acquired a property you will need to find a reliable company to manage your asset. In between the initial capital investment and subsequent resale, overseas landlords need to deal with the complex issue of managing that asset. Finding the right management company to make sure the property is well maintained and leased to ensure the maximum return is very important. Having a well-maintained asset is important when it comes to reselling the property to achieve maximum appreciation.

As part of Magnate, we can recommend a reputable property management company that is close to your property as we work with the Property Franchise Group. They have over 400 locations across the UK through various brands. Each one of their offices is personally owned and operated by a dedicated franchisee that is trained, monitored, and supported by the group.

The group has a depth of expertise and experience with a wide range of services that can greatly simplify your life as an overseas property investor.


Keeping the property occupied and bringing in rent is a key requirement to maximise your investment. Tenants are thoroughly checked and vetted with employers’ references, proof of income, credit scores, and legal searches. All tenants that are offered a tenancy can be covered by rent and legal guarantee insurance that is optional for the property owner and landlord whereby if the rent is unpaid then the insurance will pay the rent and the legal fees if court action is needed.

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Collecting rent, dealing with maintenance, handling tenant enquiries, conducting regular rental reviews to ensure fair market rates, and ensuring timely re-tenanting to minimise end-of-lease void periods; having your property managed competently is essential to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

Resale of your property

When it’s time to sell your property investment, the Property Franchise Group can help you find the best option and manage your resales. Perhaps it is best to resell with the tenant on to another investor or sell the property vacant. Ensuring a smooth sale is part of the complete service. Your local office will have in-depth knowledge of the market and will maximise the value you can achieve by adopting the best strategy.

Everything Else

The legal requirements that cover furnishings, property handovers and inventories, landlord insurance, deposit management, and tax are covered in the service provided to assist overseas landlords to make the most of their investment but also to remain compliant with the UK leasing legislation and tax requirements.

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